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Equestrian fencing is our speciality and our passion. As horsemen ourselves we understand the importance of good fences. We've heard too many horror stories over the years due to poor fencing. Broken boards and loose wires resulting in escaped and injured horses. That's why we are commited to selling and installing only the safest fencing available. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see our clients turning their horses out in their newly finished, secure paddocks.

We are proud to be the only approved System Fence installer in Quebec and Eastern Ontario. We have found that these are by far the safest fencing products on the market today. Their products are summarized below, or you can check out their catalog for more details.

Flex Fence
The traditional look of post and board fencing without all the maintenance and with a much greater safety factor.

  • Specifically designed for horses
  • Wide visual barrier
  • Never needs paint
  • Rail slides on impact
  • Available widths: 4.25", 5.25"
  • Break strength of at least 3200 lbs (4.25")
  • Available in white, brown and black

Coated wire and Hotcote fenceCoated Wire
This is a much safer alternative to regular high-tensile wire. Coated wire consists of a 12.5 gauge wire molecularly bonded to a 5/16" diameter covering making it much more visible than bare wire. Available in white, brown and black.

Hotcote is a popular variation of coated wire that can be electrified.

Combination Fence
A popular option, combination fence uses one Flex Fence rail on top with three or more rails of 5/16" coated wire below.


Post and board fencePost and Board
Traditional post and board fencing is still very popular. We use kiln-dried tamarack boards which are natuarally weather resistant.

We also install electric, paddle-rail cedar and other types of equestrian fencing.

The bottom line is that safe fences are one of the most important investments you can make for the safety of your horses and for your peace of mind. Call Stableright today to find the best solution for you.

Stableright Professional Installation

Fencing is only as good as its installation. We use a Wheatheart hydraulic post pounder to drive in our fence posts so you can be sure that your fence will stay strong and solid for years to come. Driven posts are five to ten times more resistant to upward forces than tamped-in posts.