About Us

Stableright was started by John Dowling in 2005 to provide planning and installation services for horse farms in the Ottawa Valley and Quebec. In the early days we specialized mostly fencing. Over time however we have focussed more and more on planning and design along with sales of materials, stalls and other equipment.

John has worked in many aspects of the horse industry for over 30 years. He has turned his hand to working polo ponies, exercising racehorses, starting young horses, cross country course building, farm management. He has helped run both hunter/jumper shows and three day events.  He competed in eventing up to the Intermediate level. 

“I have always been fascinated with horse farms…. almost as much as with horses! It’s a passion and an obsession. I’ve learned a few tricks over the years and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping people improve their farms.”

Technologies and trends come and go, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the horse. This is an amazing animal — evolved to roam freely across the steppes of Asia — yet it lets us confine it and use it for so many strange things! What we try to do is bring together an understanding of the fundamental nature of the horse with our 21st century needs. The result, hopefully, is happy humans and happier horses!



275 chemin Scott
Rigaud, QC
J0P 1P0
(Please call ahead if planning to visit.)

Phone: (514) 609-7059

Email: john@stableright.ca