Stableright is proud to be an approved installer of the System Equine stalls. Here is a brief overview but there are many options so call us today to discuss your needs.

Designer Stalls

Designer stalls offer the ultimate in strength and beauty, durability and elegance. Select from Nobleman, Tuscany, Embleton or Custom models. With our partners at System Equine, we can help you create your dream stable.

Panel Stalls

No posts required …

A crisp clean look with minimal wood. Portable, Finish Line and Westana stall designs are all free span and clip together, making them the best choice for buildings with no posts or supports. They can be installed into existing barns or new facilities. Wood is installed vertically for that European look of elegance. Hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated finishes available.

Standard and Welded Stalls

The least expensive option, the Standard and Welded stall systems all require posts for installation. Available with many door and grill options.

Competition Stalls

Showgrounds, fairs, racetracks, and expos all require ease of setup for temporary situations as well as strength and durability. Our Competition stalls are used for events all around the world. They create a wonderful, clean look for your show while safely containing the horses.