Stableright helps people create the horse farm that suits their needs, tastes and budget. We focus mainly on sales and consulting but can offer installation services in some areas. We will work closely with your own contractor to help bridge the gap between regular building practices and those specific to the horse farms.

It is not unusual for clients to talk to us before buying a given property to get our opinion regarding its suitability for horses. The site might be just an acreage with a house, an old dairy farm, an existing property with horses and other combinations. We can help give an idea of what can stay, what can go, and generally how much work and money will be required.

Since starting Stableright we have worked on dozens of projects big and small. Besides fencing we have done garage-stable conversions, complete stall replacements, arena remodelling, stall floor renewal, pasture rehabilitation, barn ventilation, the list goes on… 

Services include:

  • Consulting for:
    • Site selection and planning
    • Paddock layout (and installation in some areas)
    • Barn plans for renovations and new construction
    • Stall & stall floor selection
    • Barn ventilation
    • Pasture rejuvenation
    • Arena footing
    • Manure composting
    • More…
  • Support by phone or on-site for installation
  • Working with local contractor